Power Supplies

The MAGNETRON product line includes sputtering power supplies for DC, MF and PulsDC applications for low power and high accurate process stabilisation – up to 1,5 kW. With good arc handling systems our power supplies are perfect for R&D applications and small manufacturing processes, where high accuracy of coating thickness layers are required.

The following table provides an overview of available Power Supply models:

Output power: 1 ... 500 W* 3 … 1500 W
Output Voltage: 1000 V 1200 max
Output Current: 1A max 2A max
Mode of operation: DC DC and PulseDC
Frequency of operation: - 1 …. 75 kHz for PulseDC
Main Supply: 230 VAC/ 3,15A 230VAC/ 6,15A
User Interface: Alphanumeric LCD 2 x 16 Graphics LCD 240 x 64
Hardware Interface: RS 232 or RS485,
Bluetooth, EthernetIP,
Analog I/O
RS 232, EthernetIP, Analog I/O
Mobile device control: Devices with Android 4.2.1 and above -
Arc Management: Advance with control Monitoring only
Target usage - Yes
Standards compliances CE, RoHS CE, RoHS