Our history

EDFelectronics has already established a leading reputation for delivering market ready electronics products. 

Electronics is a branch of science that is constantly developing and requires from producers constantly searching for new solutions. 

Our company has been operating on the market since 2012 and throughout this time we try to broaden our horizons and test new products. The result of these R&D works is a series of commercialized electronic devices, dedicated mainly to application based on plasma – for the purposes of R&D, as well as for production. 

Plasma is a high ionised gas which is often called the fourth state of matter. It is used, among others, for cleaning and activation different materials, for example plastics, as well as for coating the surface with thin films. Thanks to plasma coating material can gain unique characterization.

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With a passion for electronics and electric vehicles, we have emerged a new branch of our company 

- EDF Plug-In.


EDFelectronics provides thin film deposition measurement equipment and accessories. The product range includes deposition controllers, thin-film monitors, quartz crystals and sensor heads. Besides supplying the standard products EDF supports its customers by offering tailor-made solutions for their individual requirements.


How it is, that drill can be so weakly susceptible to damage, wing of the plane – fireproof, phone screen – watertight? 

You „just” need to coat the element with an appropriate layer which is so thin, that even invisible for the eye. At the same time thanks to this thin layer the element receives completely new functionalities.


Plasma cleaning delivers an ultra-fine surface preparation with only air or oxygen as the process gas, although our range of cleaners is compatible with many other gases too. This means an inherently environmentally friendly technique with no waste chemicals, offering a real alternative to both aqueous and solvent based cleaning techniques.

What can we build for you?

Progress and the rate of change of technology available in the market affects the current and future design of all electronic products. New technologies and the latest design standards can offer unprecedented and often hitherto impossible to achieve functionality in a given class. EDF recognize and embrace this and focus on maximizing the functionality, quality and utility of each device by investing heavily in ensuring that we, and ultimately our clients, benefit from being at the forefront of these latest technological advances.

In addition, well-designed electronics, IT and software require not only knowledge of the technology itself, but experience in the application or technology area in which the device is operated. DFE recognize the importance of this level of application intimacy also and have an active program of collaboration and joint research from which to draw experience.

Our products, thanks to continuous development, application of latest industry solutions, and applications knowledge, provide robust solutions that ensure trouble-free operation.