The Henniker Plasma ‘HPT’ range of low pressure plasma treatment systems are microprocessor controlled benchtop devices that are ideal for routine laboratory, R&D and light industrial tasks. 

Due to their ease of use and reliability, they are the instrument of choice for many of the world’s leading companies and institutes, where they are used to activate materials in order to increase wettability and improve adhesion.

These systems comes in 8 versions:





Enclosure Dimensions [mm]

520 x 286 x 550

520 x 286 x 550

 533 x 466 x 615

533 x 600 x 615


22 kg

23 kg

40 kg

45 kg

Chamber Form



Cylindrical in standard; Rectangular*

Cylindrical in standard; Rectangular*

Chamber Dimensions

100mm dia. x 280mm L

150mm dia. x 280mm L

200mm dia. x 320mm L

250mm dia. x 410mm L

Plasma power

100 W max

200 W max

250 W max

300 W max

Plasma frequency

40 kHz

40 kHz

40 kHz

40 kHz

*Available as an additional option