HPT200-DI - Vacuum Plasma treatment system


The Henniker Plasma low pressure plasma treatment system with two smoothly adjustable precision gas flow controllers with 1 sccm resolution

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    Lead time 4-6 weeks

    HPT 200 Dual Inlet version main specifications:

    • Two smoothly adjustable precision gas flow controllers with 1 sccm resolution
    • "BenchTop" housing dimensions: W: 520 x H: 286 x D: 550 mm 
    • Weight: 23 kg 
    • Cylindrical chamber: Ø 150 x 280 mm 
    • AL. insert (base): 135 x 255 mm 
    • Power: 0…200W, smoothly adjustable with 40 kHz power supply 
    • User interface: 5.7” TFT touch panel 
    • Programmable timer: 0…99 min with 1-second resolution 
    • Process vacuum measurement and control 
    • Power supply: 230 VAC Dry vacuum pump: 6 m³/h 
    • The device needs an oil or dry pump for proper operation


    HPT200 includes an integrated pressure gauge and precision gas flow controller as well as a suitable vacuum pump, everything needed for operation. Simple recipes are stored via the intuitive touch screen control and are executed with a single button press and, because we do not use analogue timers or unreliable needle valves, process repeatability is guaranteed each and every time.

    Henniker Plasma’s HPT plasma systems are perfect for surface cleaning, surface preparation and surface modification of a wide range of materials including metals, glass, polymers, ceramics, plastics and composites.

    Key applications include composites joining development, microfluidics PDMS bonding, microscope sample cleaning, optics cleaning, metals cleaning, biomedical applications, polymer science and medical device manufacture.


    • compact benchtop unit
    • user friendly TFT interface
    • recipe store
    • fast treatment time
    • precise & repeatable
    • no hazardous emissions