PPS100R - Magnetron Power Supply 100W


Plasma Power Supply

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    PPS100R is the Automatic or Manual Tuner/ Matching Network 13.56 MHz, 120W of power. 

    This system has everything you need to effectively power and monitor your RF application. The generator’s front panel offers an LCD display of Forward, Reflected and Load Power readings, RF Status, and setup screens for AGC and ramp mode operation. In tuner mode, front panel offers status monitoring of  AIT Tuner Series with manual tuner control capability and a bank of programmable presets. These compact units work as stand-alone or half rack mounts, with all necessary mounting hardware and cables included upon request. 

    PPS100R technical specifications

    Frequency of operation

    13.56 MHz

    Frequency Stability

    0.005% or better

    RF Power Rating

    120 Watts nominal into 50 Ohms

    EXT RF Input Drive for AGC

    +0 to +3 dBm for best operation

    CEX Input

    3Vp-p to 8Vp-p at 13.56 MHz

    CEX Output

    3Vp-p to 8Vp-p at 13.56 MHz

    Input and Output Impedance

    50 Ohm


    1.2:1 max – input, 3:1 max – output

    Output VSWR Protection

    50 Watts max reflected power limit (Automatic limit within 0.1 ms)

    Harmonic Level @ 100 W

    ≥ – 50 dBc

    Ramp Operation

    Ramp speed: 1 W/s ̶ 99 W/s Controlled via front panel and GUI

    Communication Interface

    Analog ports: SUBD-25 (rear panel) Digital ports: RS-232, RS-422, USB 2.0 (rear panel)


    Forced air, temperature controlled, heatsink temperature monitored for equipment safety at 70C limit.

    AC Power

    100-120 V ac, 50-60 Hz, 6.0 A, 200-240 V ac, 50-60 Hz, 3.0 A


    9.0 kg

    Dimentions [mm]

    5.25” H x 8.75” W x 15.00” L