PPS1500D - Magnetron Power Supply


1500W DC power supply new model (standard resolution 1 W,U,mA), RS232 or RS485 in standard *

*One of the interfaces has to be chosen with the order

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    Lead time 4-6 weeks


    The PPS1500D is a versatile dual source power supply for R&D coating & cleaning applications of 1500W max power with accuracy of 1 mA,V and W only. It is excellent power source for low power R&D application. It can control up to two sources which can be any combination of compact magnetron sputter heads or glow discharge heads. Sputter sources can be positioned on separate chambers even. The efficient glow discharge head used together with air as the process gas gives excellent plasma/ion cleaning of substrates and other critical parts such as TEM grids. With the glow discharge, hydrocarbons or biological material can also be etched.

    Output Power

    0 – 1500W ( 1W step )

    Output Voltage

    0 – 1000 VDC negative ( 1 volt step ); Peak 1200 VDC

    Output Current

    0 – 1000 mA ( 1mA step )

    Regulation Mode

    Power, current, and voltage

    Ripple Noise

    Switching: 2% p-p (50 kHz) Line: 1% p-p (100/120 Hz)

    Ramp Timer

    0.1, 1.0, or 10 second, selectable by/in user interface

    Communication Interface

    RS232 or RS485

    Additional options:  Ethernet, I/O

    Arc Menagment


    Input Voltage

    110 to 240 VAC (50 to 60 Hz), 1 phase operation *

    Input current

    Max 8A; Power factor = min 0.90

    Dimentions [mm]

    483W x 395D x 88H ( 2U 19" Rack Mounting Standard )


    13.8 kg


    CE, RoHS2