Thickness gauges from the QM20 series, in standard resolution and with an Ethernet interface

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    QM20-E-S / Ethernet / Standard Resolution

    EDFelectronics offers so called PC based thickness rate monitors QM20 series, which combine the functionality of an oscillator and measurement converter. All monitors are installed between sensor head and superior control unit (e.g. PC or PLC) on atmosphere. The transducer delivers information about quartz frequency, with extremely high accuracy and temperature stability rate via a serial line like RS232, RS485, USB or PoE QM20 series are available with standard and high resolution. Read more info for detailed model description below.

    Technical specifications

    -Frequency resolution: 0.1Hz at 10 readings per second, 
    -Possibility of result averaging 0.1..2s 
    -Standard quartz reading frequency: 6MHz
    -Frequency temperature stability: 0.5 ppm
    -Number of measurement channels: 2 as standard; 
    -BNC type inputs, 
    -Measurement accuracy: 0.012 A 
    -Communication interface: EthernetIP, 
    -Control capability from dedicated software, 
    -Open ModBUS communication protocol with external software capability 
    -Power supply: Ethernet - PoE